This depends on what approach was done for the hip replacement

A more traditional posterior approach or antero -lateral Hardinge approach can take time for the tissues to heal as muscles/tendons that a cut or detached have to heal and can take upto 6-8 weeks. Patients undergoing this technique are usually still on crutches and can take upto 4-6 weeks or longer to come off depending on the complexity of the operation.

There could be come pain and patients are usually taking strong pain meds

There will be swelling still persisting down the lower legs and operation site.

Hip precautions have to be followed for 6-8 weeks and wont be able to drive

However for patients who had an anterior hip replacements – most patients are usually mobilising with less pain and swelling and hardly any restrictions. Most patients usually get rid of the crutches between few days to 2 weeks post-surgery depending on individuals and complexity of the surgery.

Patients are usually driving within 1-3 weeks of surgery according to one study that was done on patients after bikini anterior hip replacements –

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Disclaimer – Individual results can vary – patients are asked to discuss their specific restrictions with their surgeon after surgery.