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Dr. Ikram Nizam has several high profile international surgeons visiting him to see latest innovative techniques in Hip and Knee surgery such as:

Anterior Bikini Hip Replacement

The visiting surgeons are able to see the cut ting edge surgical techniques utilized by Dr. Ikram Nizam and see at first hand how some of the instrumentation and accessories he designed enables this minimally invasive soft tissue approach.

Dr. Nizam also published on this technique:

The Bikini Hip Replacement – Surgical Technique Preserving Vessels and Deep Soft Tissues in Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Enhanced recovery Program:

The visiting surgeons can also witness the pre, intra and post operative regimes that are used in this rapid recovery program which was started off by Dr. Nizam’s colleagues and mentors – Professor Lawrence Kohan and Dr. Dennis Kerr (Inventors of local Infiltration Analgesia in Joint replacements).

Patients are able to walk 3-4 hours post hip and knee replacement almost pain free and go home the next day with early return to activities. This program was initially started in late 1990s and not a new program although in the last 12 years, it was refined by the inventors.


Patient Specific Knee Replacement:

Surgeons can witness first hand how the 3D printed blocks from USA after pre operative CT scanning and modeling is done and then accurate surgical planning with attention to detail to ensure accurate bone cuts to implant the prosthesis accurately – correct alignment and rotation of the femoral and tibial components.

Dr. Nizam also designed special markings on the 3D cutting blocks to enable accurate positioning and a new study will be published with the largest study done of its kind.


Visited Surgeons:

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