There are 3 types of Hip Replacements in General

1) Total Hip Replacement

This is Performed for one of 2 reasons:

Non-Emergency : For Arthritis of the actual hip joint – the surgeon will discuss this in detail with patients

Total hip replacement can be performed either through the Anterior technique or through a more traditional Posterior or lateral approach

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For treatment of Hip Fractures in some patients – This is usually decided with the patient and family. This is recommended for patients who are usually living at home, generally ambulant unaided and without any cognitive impairment.

2) Partial Hip Replacements

Are usually performed for hip fractures in patients who are elderly, not very mobile and have complex medical issues and impaired cognition where a total hip replacement may have complications.

3) Hip Resurfacing

Usually performed in patients under the age of 55 usually males who have arthritis in their hips but seeking to continue an active life style after surgery. The recover can take upto 3-6 months but after 6 months they can resume pretty much normal activities. But patients have to understand currently there are only metal on metal bearing implants like the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing with excellent outcomes but modern bearing ceramic on ceramic surfaces are being researched.

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