Preferred Surgery Locations:

  • Dr .Nizam usually operates at Hospitals with the best Orthopaedic Surgery Facilities with Access to ICU and HDU as well. These are centres of clinical excellence.
  • Dr. Nizam usually has his trained staff in the operating theatres due to the specialised nature of the procedures he performs with very specialised instruments / Technology required for hip and knee surgery and some trauma procedures.
  • In these surgical facilities, the nursing staff, physiotherapy staff / allied health staff / Radiology staff always follow the specific protocols set by Dr. Nizam to achieve the best post-operative outcome. This has taken time and effort over many years for staff education of our specialised technique and post operative protocols that are to be followed meticulously.

The Surgical Locations

Cabrini Hospital Malvern

181/183 Wattletree Rd
Malvern, VIC 3144

(03) 9880-7768

Epworth Hospital Boxhill 

1 Arnold St,
 Box Hill VIC 3128

(03) 9880-7768

Epworth Hospital Richmond

89 Bridge Rd,

Richmond VIC 3121

(03) 9880-7768

Knox Private Hospital

262 Mountain Hwy,

Wantirna VIC 3152

(03) 9880-7768

Mulgrave Pvt Hospital 

Blanton Dr,

Mulgrave VIC 3170

(03) 9880-7768

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