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Once you have decided to undergo surgery in consultation with Dr. Nizam, our staff will guide you and prepare you for surgery. It is important you have a good understanding of what is being done, what to expect before and after surgery and information on follow-up care. Please feel free to ask as many questions as appropriate. Certain tests may be performed before surgery such as:

  • Imaging: Xrays, MRI scans, CT/Bone scans, etc..
  • Blood Tests / Blood cross match
  • ECG- Heart trace

Pre-operative Info:

Ensure all paperwork has been completed, these include:

  • Hospital admission paperwork
  • Consent forms signed
  • Surgical cost forms signed
  • All imaging and tests have been completed
  • Seen or assessed by anaesthetist

Information on Medications:

If you are taking other supplements such as herbal medications, please let Dr. Nizam know as they may increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

You should eat normal well balanced diets leading upto surgery and maintain regular exercise and movement.

Try to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Things to do at home before surgery:

  • Remove rugs, loose carpets, obstacles, etc, which may be a hazard on returning home after surgery
  • You may need a toilet seat rise after your operation
  • Some extra pillows may be useful, to sleep comfortably at night
  • Bathing and showering accessories may be required, eg: handheld shower
  • Provide easy access to your phone/ mobile phone, computer, Kitchen
  • You will need some easy access to food, so you may need to prepare this before surgery

Discharge from Hospital:

This will usually be discussed before surgery. Your partner/family should be aware when you will be going home.

You need someone to be with you at least the first night after surgery.

You need to ensure that transportation to your home is large enough to allow easy entry and exit minimizing risk of injuries.

You need to understand our pain management program. It is important you bring your partner/family along with you before surgery to discuss this.


The anaesthetist will discuss this so that you don’t have to unnecessarily fast for more than 4-6 hours before surgery.

On the Day of Surgery:

  • Ensure you arrive early and give enough time for traffic/rush hours/ hospital paperwork/ changing
  • Make sure all appropriate Imaging is there with you (or the surgeon)

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