We have several interstate and overseas patients who come to seek an expert opinion for hip and knee conditions at our center.

Our friendly staff at Ozorthopaedics can usually guide such patients in the right direction via email : info@ozorthopaedics.com.au

An online booking form is also available on our website www.ozorthogroup.com.au



Mr. Nizam sees patients for a surgical opinion as soon as possible in any of our 5 consulting locations in Melbourne.

After a thorough consultation is undertaken we then try to book the patients into a convenient and suitable private hospital at the earliest date. Mr. Nizam operates from 5 large private hospitals in Melbourne with excellent facilities with good access to operating theatres at short notice in all hospitals. All these hospitals are equipped with HDU and ICU facilities.

Preparation for surgery

Patients are usually assessed by a perioperative anaesthetic team to ensure patients have the best experience before, during and after surgery. Any blood tests / investigations can be done on the day of the consultations where necessary.

Once surgery is booked, all patients are given a 22-25 page booklet about the procedure that has to be read and understood by all patients to achieve the most successful outcome.

Our Enhanced recovery program and surgical techniques in hip and knee replacements enable these patients to mobilize early and discharge within 24 hours after surgery.

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Hospital Admission

Patients are usually admitted on the day of surgery. Majority of our patients are discharged within 24 hours after joint replacement.

Patients can usually fly interstate 10 days after the surgery. Overseas patients can fly several weeks after surgery depending on flight time/distances – this has to be discussed at consultation.

We will discuss DVT prophylaxis on an individual basis.

Follow-up / Review Appointments

Mr. Nizam usually sees patients at the 2-week mark to remove the dressings. There are usually no sutures to remove as we almost always use dissolvable sutures to achieve better scars.

Any future follow ups can be done via GP communications and online Xrays.

For All Other Hip and Knee Conditions, please email (info@ozorthoapedics.com.au) or ring us on + 61 3 9888 4938.


Our Staff can help you find a convenient place that is comfortable and close to the relevant private hospital.

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