This depends on what approach was utilized to do the hip replacement .

If the hip replacement was done through the more traditional posterior or antero- lateral/Hardinge approach – most patients have hip precautions for upto 6-8 weeks.

This is because muscles/tendons are usually cut/detached during the operation and then repaired during closure. It can take upto 6-8 weeks for the tissues to heal and hence the prolonged hip precautions before being able to tie shoe laces, bend down and pick up things, crossing the legs, sleeping on the side or even driving.

With the anterior approach hip replacement techniques, no muscles or tendons are cut or detached and hence patients can start doing things much earlier including tying shoe laces soon after surgery within days or weeks post-surgery. But it has to be understood that some patients may take several weeks before they can do this as they haven’t been able to do this for some time and it can take time for the tissues to stretch around the hip to accommodate the movements/positions of shoe lace tying.

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Disclaimer – Individual results can vary – patients are asked to discuss their specific restrictions with their surgeon after surgery.