Case Study 1

Title: Anterior hip Replacement (Bikini anterior hip replacement) for traumatic arthritis

50 year old female who had previous trauma to the right hip many years ago. Now she has very severe pain and limp in the right hip interfering with mobility, work and most importantly her quality of life. She enjoys long distance cycling but unable to do it now.

Xrays below revealed significant arthritis in the right hip with cystic changes in the femoral head. She also had lumbar spine arthritis due to her long standing limp.

case study img1

Surgery: She had a right bikini anterior total hip replacement

4 hours later she was walking and within 24 hours, discharged from hospital to the comfort of her home.

The bikini hip replacement is a muscle sparing and vessel sparing surgical technique described and Published by Dr. Nizam:

This technique enables early mobilization with less pain and faster recovery and early return to activities including work.

Her post –op Xrays were excellent with restoration of hip center of rotation and well seated implants.

case study img2

At 2 weeks she was walking without a limp and had discarded all walking aids by 3 days. She was driving within 4-5 days after surgery without any issues.

7-8 weeks later, she is back cycling and doesn’t even think about her right hip.

case study img3

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